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UAE840 OBBI OMDB Celestino Okenve A330-243

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Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Aircraft
UAE 835 OMDB OBBI 01.10 UAE1021 Celestino Okenve -594 A330-243
UAE 22 EGCC OMDB 06.56 UAE1021 Celestino Okenve -348 B777-31H(ER)
UAE 143 OMDB LEMD 07.18 UAE1021 Celestino Okenve -557 B777-31H(ER)
UAE 954 OLBA OMDB 03.01 UAE1021 Celestino Okenve -169 A340-313X
UAE 953 OMDB OLBA 03.26 UAE1021 Celestino Okenve -281 A340-313X